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The wascally wabbit leaves the cockpit of the space ship. He pleads with the co-pilot, "Whatever you do, DON'T PUSH THIS BUTTON!". As the bunny walks away, the button is pushed. Alarms and sirens ring out. The bunny and co-pilot are thrust against the wall of the ship as it spirals toward Earth.

Here are some thoughts about buttons:

-It is tempting to push a button.
-Some buttons are more tempting than others.
-Sometimes you don't know what will happen when you push a button.
-Whenever you are uncomfortable, there is a button somewhere nearby to tempt you.
-Some people are better at pushing buttons than others.
-There is usually a consequence for pushing a button.
-It is tempting to deny you pushed the button.
-The more familiar you are with a person, the more buttons seem to appear.
-Some buttons are off limits.
-Pushing buttons can make you feel temporarily powerful.
-Once in a great while, buttons are bumped instead of pushed.
-We usually have some sort of warning right before we are about to push a button
-Sometimes you can't repair the damage pushing a button can cause.
-It's easy to lose your cool when the button is pushed.
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